Handles all major payments, including EMV debit & credit transactions
Supports a wide range of applications, including loyalty, customer identification, and electronic cash
Interfaces easily with POS terminals and electronic cash registers (ECRs)
Tamper-resistant, tamper-evident and tamper-responsive
Perfect for: Boutiques; Retail Shops; Convenience Stores; Department Stores; Grocery Stores; Kiosks; Supermarkets; Discount Outlets; Cinemas & Theaters; Restaurants & Coffee Shops

The NURIT 292 is a powerful, programmable, multi-functional PIN Pad offering comprehensive security. Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident, and Tamper-Responsive, this sophisticated unit incorporates multiple key management techniques to protect against fraudulent intrusion and corruption. Safeguarding transactions - as well as application and key downloads - it meets the highest international security requirements. It supports all major payment types, as well as a wide range of applications, and easily interfaces with peripheral devices. It is compatible with all Nurit terminals & ECRs, as well as third party POS systems.

NURIT 292 Information in PDF format