Low-cost, all-in-one terminal solution
Highly reliable 20-button ergonomically designed keypad
Small footprint
2 MB flash (min.), extendable
512 KB battery backed-up RAM
Fast 12.5 line/sec thermal printer (graphical, 2 1/4 inch/57 mm wide paper)
Fast 32-bit processor
Easily replaceable paper roll with automatic paper feed mechanism
Accessible peripheral ports
Large back-lit graphical display (128 x 64 pixels) enhancing the graphical user interface and menu-driven applications
OS and dual-track 1 & 2 magnetic reader (track 2 & 3 optional)
Application downloading via tel-line or RS-232 connection

Mid Atlantic Processing started with a great idea and made it even better! We took ourproven, performance-driven ValuePak terminal and added what today’s forward-thinkingmerchants continue to demand most: reliable, turnkey check imaging and archiving in acompact, all-in-one POS solution.

Presenting the next generation in payment processing: The Nurit ImagePak.

Partners at Point-of-Sale
Manufactured in association with Lipman, and incorporating MagTek imaging technology, Mid Atlantic Processing’s Nurit ImagePakintegrates electronic capture, storage and retrieval of scanned checks and sales receipts right at point of sale. Like its counterpart,the Nurit ImagePak also offers friendly and intelligent menu screens to guide users through a simple and intuitive interface. Alltypes of payment transactions are rapidly processed with just a few easy keystrokes: check, credit, debit, EBT, loyalty, Smart Card andmore. Built-in business management reporting keeps merchants in the know.

Based on a Value Producer
Based on its proven ValuePak predecessor, the Nurit ImagePak combines terminal, check reader/scanner, printer and pinpad all into one space-saving unit, with a smart and convenient swivel base design. There are no multiple components to connect, no tangledcables to contend with and no frustrating incompatibilities to slow up service and productivity. The result: easier, efficient paperless management of daily transaction records. The first product of its kind, the Nurit ImagePak packs a reliable, turnkey check imagingand archiving system into a compact, all-in-one, countertop solution that operates at Internet speed.

Mid Atlantic Processing provides the “Partial Download” needed for the “Check Service” process, as well as all technical supportfor our ValuePak equipment. The Partial Download is designed to integrate with all Credit Card Processing Downloads. Full downloadand deployment can also be supported via Mid Atlantic Processing facilities. Nurit 3020 modem speed: 14,400K. Refer to our Website for additional technical specifications.

Nurit ImagePak Pricing in PDF format
Nurit ImagePak Information in PDF format