Low-cost, all-in-one terminal solution
Highly reliable 20-button ergonomically designed keypad
Small footprint
2 MB flash (min.), extendable
512 KB battery backed-up RAM
Fast 12.5 line/sec thermal printer (graphical, 2 1/4 inch/57 mm wide paper)
Fast 32-bit processor
Easily replaceable paper roll with automatic paper feed mechanism
Accessible peripheral ports
Large back-lit graphical display (128 x 64 pixels) enhancing the graphical user interface and menu-driven applications
OS and dual-track 1 & 2 magnetic reader (track 2 & 3 optional)
Application downloading via tel-line or RS-232 connection

ValuePak 8320 integrated electronic point-of-sale (POS) payment terminal andautomatic check reader is the newest addition to the famed ValuePak line. All ofour ValuePaks have been designed to support a complete range of retail paymenttransactions including magnetic credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards, smart cards,checks, private label and more, now with PED compliance.

Much effort has been invested in the design and engineering of all ValuePak models for the operational ease and benefit of bothretailer and customer. The ValuePak 8320 model is now available to the retail and ISO community. The ValuePak 8320 is a landlinemodel requiring a telephone line and AC power source for normal operation. This unit incorporates, all of the original ValuePak'scapabilities with a faster 14,400 modem and the speed and quiet printing of the integrated thermal printer, this PED compliantunit is the top of the line POS addition to the trusted ValuePak line.

A Real Value Processor
The integrated check reader in all ValuePak models, automatically and accurately reads personal or commercial checks. Internalpaper sensors detect the presence of a check and subsequently activate a motorized "pull-in" transport mechanism. Magneticdata is automatically transferred to the unit's POS terminal where it is processed as an electronic transaction. The ValuePak linehas been designed to suit the needs of the retail and mobile business community. This point of sale system provides merchants with the ability to accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks in one easy-to-use module. Acknowledged as an "All in OnePayment Solution," the ValuePak line is one of the industries premier point of sale systems.

Mid Atlantic Processing provides the “Partial Download” needed for the “Check Service” process, as well as all technical supportfor our ValuePak equipment. The Partial Download is designed to integrate with all Credit Card Processing Downloads. Full downloadand deployment is also available.

ValuePak 8320 Pricing in PDF format
ValuePak 8320 Information in PDF format